Your First Blog

A personal blog usually is a bit more fun and entertaining. You can write about anything that you are interested in. Be careful what you write about yourself or other people as a blog can be read by anyone. Any personal information you do not want known worldwide should not be published anywhere on the web.

Blogs are not as formal as regular web pages and are written in a more conversational style. Many bloggers write on the fly directly in their blog's word processor. Make sure you reread your post a few times before clicking on the publish button. If a mistake does get published or you want to add a clarification or do an update blogs are advantageous as they are easily editable.

Try to post daily, lively useful content to keep readers coming back often.

Not interest in blogging about your life or regular business. Think you can make money from blogging and want to jump on the bandwagon. Then you will have to choose a niche for your blog.

Picking your niche carefully is very important if you are planning to generate an income from your blog. You don't want to choose too wide of a niche or you will find that it is there just too much competition from the big sites and blogs.

For instance, rather than choosing health and fitness you might try, a smaller more focused topic like exercise for the office, or the home workers guide to staying fit. This gives you more chance of ranking well in your niche.

Here we give an example of niche marketing in the fashion industry.

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