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One of the best ways to write an article that people will want to read is to find a problem that your targeted readers have and give them one or more solutions.

The simpler and clearer the answers the better and preferably giving them step by step examples on how to do it in the article.  Some examples could be; Four Ways to Sleep Like a Baby Every Night or How to Cure a Hangover in Three Easy Steps.

How to find the problems that need solving? Hopefully you are writing an article about a subject or hobby that passions you.  Look at your past experiences and remember the problems you encountered and how you solved them. And voila! You have your article.

Still can't find a problem that needs a solution. The easiest place to find a problem that needs solving is to go where people are asking questions: http://answers.yahoo.com not only will you find problems in dozens of categories but you may also find some good solutions. Just read up and start writing that article.

The Right Title

Once you have written your article having an attention pulling title is what will get people interested in reading your article.

The title should be as descriptive and catchy as you can make it. The readers first glance at the title should make him want to read the content.

You will need to practice writing exciting titles. Create a swipe file of titles that you find exciting. Refer to it every time you write an article and you will find it gets easier every time.

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