Where to Place Adsense Ads on Your Web Site

Many people think that just because you place Adsense Ads on a web site that visitors will click on the ads. This is not the case. Positioning the adverts as well as the color: of the text, links and urls are extremely important.

The ads that Adsense places on your web site should be related to your page's topic. If they are not, it means that your content is not optimized for a specific keyword group. Rewrite the article; make sure your keywords are used throughout the page. Use basic SEO; such as h1, h2 tags and anchor text containing keywords. Upload it and refresh the page a few times. Now you should see Adsense Ads related to your page's subject matter.

Example: Your website page is about dog training; if it has been optimized correctly all the ads that will appear on that page will match the content the actual subject of the page and be of interest to your visitors.

Why They Should Visitors Click on The Ads

This is where some psychology comes into play. A person going to you page, to find dog training tips, is looking for advice on training their dog. By placing some Adsense Ads immediately above the page content the first thing a visitor sees are the ads. If the ads are well written the visitor will click on an ad and kaching some online money for you. The visitor might not even read your content but you don't care as you put the web site online to earn money.

But what if they skip the top ads and go right down to the content? No problem you are allowed three Adsense content blocks per page. You can put an ad right in the middle of your article giving your visitor another chance to click on an advert.

We still have one more one block of Adsense Ads we can use on our page. Lets put it right after the article text.

Just make sure the ads blend in with the article itself. Remember to choose colors that match your web site when generating the code to place on that particular web page. This increase the probability their of getting clicked on.

By following these placement tips, you have a good chance of getting quite a few clicks out of your Adsense campaign.

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