Video Games Niche Marketing

In this installment of niche marketing examples, I'm going to start off with the broad niche of video games. This is certainly a wide open topic. If I go to Wordtracker and look up this phrase, I come up with 8,855 searches. That is certainly a lot. I know that if I go to Google and look up this phrase, I'm going to find several million pages at least. So, I did just that. Google came up with 102 million sites. Yeah, that's quite a bit of competition. No problem. I'm sure we'll find a good sub niche to tackle.

In going through the list of keywords I found this one.

“history of home video games.”

The phrase gets 137 monthly searches, which is certainly fine for a decent sub niche. In going to Google, I found that there are only 798 competing sites with that phrase.  There are also no paid ads. That's not a very good sign, but it could be nothing more than nobody has tried to monetize this market.

Okay, here's a tip that I know only because I have a friend in the business. He has his own book on the history of video games. The problem is, he knows nothing about online marketing. I have tried to teach him but he refuses to listen. In spite of this, he does make a few sales a month of his book. So, there is a market out there. All we have to do is exploit it.

This sub niche is going to take some doing to exploit. The first thing we have to do is find a domain name for it. The first one I thought of was the obvious, Of course it wasn't available, so I tried and sure enough, it was available. Don't worry about hyphenated names. Most people click on links and don't type in domain names.

Okay, so we have our niche and our domain name. Now all we have to do is monetize it. Well, like I said, there is a market for video game history books. So, all we have to do is write one. Before you say that this is too hard, think. First of all, the information is out there. Remember, there are almost 800 sites with this information. These sites will either give some history or point you to resources where you can read about it. No reason you can't research a topic and write your own book on it. How do you think people write books? Not everybody is born with this knowledge.

After you have written your book, the next thing you want to do is put together a brief report. Maybe an excerpt from the book. Place an opt in link on your web page to get the free report or excerpt. If people are impressed with it enough, they may just plunk down the money to get your book.

Will this game plan take a little time to implement? Sure. I estimate that it will probably take you anywhere from 3 to 6 months to get everything together, including doing the research and writing the book. However, at the end, you will have a corner on the market. Why? Well, you're going to use article marketing and pay per click to get traffic to your site.

Over time, you WILL start to see a return on this niche. The demand is there.

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