Squeeze Page Internet Marketing Setup

What is a Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a web page that's used for the purpose of getting people to opt in to your newsletter or mailing list by entering their name and email address. A squeeze page generally doesn't have as much copy as a sales letter, but most squeeze pages have some teaser text and bullet points.

Increasingly, video is being used in place of text on squeeze pages. Most text-based squeeze pages consist of a headline, a short paragraph or two of copy, a few bullet points, and an opt-in box - all “above the fold,” meaning the reader doesn't have to scroll to continue reading.

What Tools To Create a Squeeze Page

Some squeeze pages will also have graphics, including a header and footer, and perhaps other graphics such as an eCover for a free report that's being given away as a reward for opting in.
First, you need to create a basic HTML page.

You can do this using a WYSIWYG editor, which should make it easier for beginners. WYSIWYG stands for “what you see is what you get.” A WYSIWIG HTML editor lets you design visually, and you generally need to know little, if any, HTML to use one.

Squeeze Page Color Schemes and Setup

Many people use a darker red or a medium blue as the background color for their squeeze page, but you can use any color you like, as long as it isn't incredibly bright and distracting and it looks good with any other graphics you might use on the page.

You don't want to put your text directly on this colored background, because it will probably be difficult to read. What you want to do is create a table with a white background, and put all of your text and graphics inside the table.

In your program, create a table with a single cell (1×1) and set the background color to white. This table should probably be between 700 and 800 pixels in width. Most people use between 750 and 770 pixels, because it's large enough to look good on monitors with very high resolutions, yet it still shows up well even at 800 x 600.

Inside this table, you'll want to put the rest of your squeeze page information. This should include a headline, a little copy, bullet point or a video, and your opt-in box (you'll get the code for this from your autoresponder).


You can also put the eCover of the product you'll be giving away to subscribers, if you have one. Your headline should be something that will tease visitors and make them really want to sign up to get the information you have.


If you're giving away a 10-page report on the hidden dangers in pet food, your headline might read, “Did you know the food you give your beloved pet could kill him? Read this shocking FREE report about dangerous additives in pet food that could cause your four-legged friend to suffer a slow, agonizing death!”

Copy to get the Sign Up

Next, you need to include some very short teaser copy. Just put in a paragraph or two of text or bullet points that describe the product you're giving away for free. If you're using Aweber, you'll create a list, and then get the code from your admin area.

You'll need to paste the form into the HTML area. Then you're finished with your squeeze page! Just save the file, upload it and test it, then start sending traffic to it! You can use this landing page for an AdWords campaign, too - which is beneficial if your business involves a lot of affiliate marketing.

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