SEO Optimizing with Sub-Headers

Sub-Header SEO Using the h2 Tag

Keyword Stuffing In our last article on SEO web page optimization we left off with the <h1> tag ad how it should look for your web page. In this article we're going to pick up with the <h2> tag and a few other things we can do to make Google like us enough to put us close to the top of the search engines. By the time we're done, you're going to have one of the top sites for your niche.

The <h2> tag is a sub header. In the case of “Weight Loss Spells” you might want to have a sub header something like this

“Safe Weight Loss Spells That Work”

Subheader Keywords

You will notice that in our sub header we also have the keyword of the page we're optimizing. This is another plus for us. One word of caution. You don't want to “keyword stuff” your page. This will actually hurt your web page with the search engines. Keyword stuffing is simply listing your main keywords over and over on the page. Search engines will pick up on this and really knock you down for it. So don't do it.

Keyword Optimization

This brings us to how you actually should have your keywords appear throughout your page.

Search engines rank pages based on what real people want. And what real people want is to read something that actually sounds like it was written for a real person.

The best way to illustrate this is with an example of how you would write a paragraph for your web page using the main keywords. Notice the highlighted keywords and how they're “sprinkled” throughout the paragraph.

Weight Loss Spells have always been a mystery to modern science. Many dismiss it as just voodoo. Others find it fascinating table talk. But few take it seriously. The truth is weight loss spells when performed by a qualified professional, can actually help a person who otherwise could not lose weight do so with relative ease. If you're interested in some proven weight loss spells that work, you will find them in our spells section of the site.

Keyword Density

See how natural that sounded? That's the kind of page you want to put up. Yes, it takes a little bit of thought and it does help to be a decent writer. But if you can't do it yourself, get somebody who can. There are plenty of good writers out there who can put together a page for you that will be optimized perfectly for the search engines.

It is commonly thought that the optimal Keyword Density range is 2%-10%, try to keep this value in between this range.

In our next article, we're going to continue our discussion of SEO with tricks on how to get Google to read your keywords first. This is so important because let's face it, keywords are the name of the game. They're what Internet surfers type in when they go to a search engine. Without keyword optimization, you're fighting a war that you can't win. If it sounds like I am repeating myself, I am for a reason. Sometimes we need to have something drilled home before we really understand how important the concept is.

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