Seo Analysis of the Zelune Download Website

Today we will take a look at This is a web site that offers a free download of a proxy script. A web proxy script, allows a person to surf the net while hiding his IP address and at the same bypass firewalls on the network. Web sites offering the use of a proxy script are often used to view websites that are blocked at school or work.

These websites earn money from the advertising displayed on their site. The most common advertising program is Adsense on the home page. Adsense can only be used on the home as their tos does not allowed adsense ads to be displayed on the proxified pages. Other programs allow advertising on proxified pages.

Our keyword to be used for this SEO analysis is “proxy”.

A search done in the major search engines gives us the following results:

Google  position No   24
Yahoo   position No  208
MSN      position No   0
Backlinks – Google reports 354 backlinks to the blog.

The PR of the top 30 websites that link back are:

 Zelune Proxy Script 1   = PR 8
  2   = PR 7
  4   = PR 6
11   = PR 5
  6   = PR 4
  2   = PR 0
  3   = NA

Title includes the keyword phrase. Good.

The Alexa Rank is 103371 and the Trend is up 69%. Very Good!

There are a total of 20 links on the website, 2 links include the keyword. Good, where appropriate, try to include the Keyword within the text in your links.

Your targeted keyword is found in the Meta Description and Meta Keywords. Very Good.

Keywords are not found in the domain name. Nothing can be done about this.

Our recommendations to Zelune for SEO optimization are:

– 3 backlinks have anchor text links with your desired keyword. Add more backlinks from other sites with anchor text link containing the targeted keywords.

– Your website does not have any h1 tags that contain your keyword. Add at least one.

– The keyword density for “Proxy” in the web site is 11%. This is too high add some more text to the site.

– Try to limit the outbound links.

– Include yor keyword in some Img “Alt” Attributes.

– Do not share the IP address with other domains.

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