Seo Analysis of the Blogtrepreneur

Adnan has asked me to do an ananlysis of his blog for the keyword phrase “Entrepreneur Blog”. Adnan mentions in the comment in my post on the analysis of Carlo’s Blog that he is ranking poorly for that keyword phrase.

Surprisingly this does not seem to be the case.

A search done in the major search engines gives us the following results:

– Google positon No 10
– Yahoo positon No 3
– MSN positon No 4

Backlinks – Google reports 512 backlinks
The targeted keyword phrase is only found once in the
Anchor Text Links of the top ten backlinks.

The PR of the top 30 websites that link back are:

1 = PR 7
6 = PR 6
7 = PR 5
2 = PR 4
3 = PR 3
2 = PR 2
2 = PR 1
6 = NA

The keyword density for “Entrepreneur Blog” in the blog is 1.2%.
Keywords are not found in the domain name. Nothing can be done about this.

One h1 tag includes the keywords. This gives extra points.

The Meta Description and Meta Keywords all contain at least one mention of the targeted keyword. Well done.

None of the Img “Alt” Attribute contain the keyword.

Out of a total of 166 internal links on the site 2 contain the chosen keywords. Good.

The Alexa Rank is 55891 and the Trend is up 26%.

Our conclusion as time goes by Adnan should be able to continue ranking high for his chosen keywords.

General suggestions for Adnan to keep ahead of the competition:

– Add more backlinks with anchor text link containing the targeted keywords.
– Where appropriate, try to include the Keyword within the text in your links.
– Try to limit the outbound links. Have more Img “Alt” Attributes containing the keywords.
– Do not share the IP address with other domains.

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