Seo Analysis of Casey’s Blog

Casey has a blog called and talks about how to earn money from the internet. Here is an extract from the about page:

“The goal of NewsNotion is to teach everyone how to earn money from the internet. Everyone has skills. Everyone wants money. You could be a teenager. You could be a stay at home mom. Or you could have a lot of free time! Whatever it is, you are here for a reason.”

Today I will do analysis of Casey’s blog for the keyword phrase “Make Money Online”.

A search done in the major search engines gives us the following results:

  • Google  position No 184
  • Yahoo   position No   0
  • MSN     position No   0

Other Keyword Phrases which rank well are:

“Make Money Easy”

  • Google  position No 6
  • Yahoo   position No 6
  • MSN      position No 0

“Earn Money Online”

  • Google  position No 22
  • Yahoo   position No 77
  • MSN      position No   0

Backlinks – Google reports 40 backlinks to the blog.

The PR of the top 30 websites that link back are:

  1   = PR 7
  4   = PR 6
  5   = PR 5
10   = PR 4
  3   = PR 3
  2   = PR 2
  1   = PR 1
  4   = NA

The keyword density for “Make Money Online” in the blog is 2.6%. Good, your keyword density is in  the range commonly thought to be optimal.

Title includes the keyword phrase. Good.

The Alexa Rank is 109157 and the Trend is up 214%. Very Good!

Keywords are not found in the domain name. Nothing can be done about this.

Our recommendations to Casey for SEO optimization are:

No backlinks have anchor text links with your desired keywords. Add more backlinks from other sites with anchor text link containing the targeted keywords.

– Where appropriate, try to include the Keyword within the text in your links.

– Your blog does not have any h1 tags that contain your keyword. Add at least one.

– Add your keywords to the Meta Description and Meta keywords. You could use the All in One SEO Pack plugin for this.

– Try to limit the outbound links.

– Include yor keyword in some Img “Alt” Attributes.

– Do not share the IP address with other domains.

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