Secrets to Getting Your Website in The Google Top Ten

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Okay we just picked out the keyword that we're going to target, “weight loss spells.”  Take a look at Google's top pages for that keyword, you will notice something very important. The number 2 site in the index is not a main page. It's a subpage. Why does that matter?

Subpages are not ranked as high as main pages by the search engines. A main page will always get preferential treatment over a subpage. So, since the number 2 page in the Google listings for this keyword is a subpage, we have a very good chance of knocking it out of the number 2 spot if we target our own main page with the keyword “weight loss spells.”

If you go to that page and take a look at its page rank, you'll see that it only has a page rank of 2. This is not very high at all and yet it's still the number 2 ranked page for this keyword.

This is going to be a piece of cake.

Oh, in case you don't understand page rank, let me give you a quick and dirty explanation. Page rank is the way Google gives a value to a web site. The higher the page rank, the more popular. So, a page rank of 6 is better than a page rank of 2. The way this page rank is determined is by the number of links on other sites that point to your site.

So why is this a piece of cake? Simple. A page rank of 2 is nothing. We should be able to knock off a page rank of 2 in no time flat, thus bringing us up to at least the second position on Google.

Okay, let's go back to the number 2 site on Google and look up the keywords that this site uses. Easy to do. Just go to the top of your browser and click on “view” and then “source.” If you look through the source, you should see 2 lines that looks like this.

<title>Weight Loss Spells – Free Spells for Losing Weight</title>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”witchcraft, Wicca, Wiccan, spells, love spells, free spells”>
There is something very interesting about this site and how it is optimized.

It's not.

Look closely. The title of the site does have the keyword “weight loss spells” in it. But if you look at the keywords line, you'll see that nowhere in that line do they have “weight loss spells.” This is a major boo-boo and yet they still managed to land at the number 2 position at Google for this keyword. All we have to do is include the keyword “weight loss spells” in our keyword line for our site and we've already got an advantage over them.

Another thing you will notice is their header tags. There are none. A header tag is a piece of HTML that starts either <h1>, <h2>, etc. This site has only one <h1> header tags on the page. That's another plus on our favor. All we have to do is include an <H1> tag on our web page and that at least puts us on the same level as them.

For those who don't know what header tags are, they're HTML tags that tell a person's browser to print this as a heading, meaning it will be larger in type than the rest of the print under it.

For example:

This Is A Heading Of A Page

And this is the smaller print that goes under it.

So as you can see, we have quite a few things we can do already to push our site above this site in the search engines.

 Let's take a look to see if the keyword “weight loss spells” is bolded anywhere on the page. The only place it's bolded is in the <h1> tag itself. Nowhere else on the page does this keyword appear at all.

That is totally mind boggling that this site is number 2 at Google under this keyword and yet on their page the keyword itself is only listed one time.

And, did you happen to take a look at how horrible this page is as far as design? How many people do you think would go to a site like this and actually stay there long? One can only imagine how bad the sites are that are under this site. If we were to put up a quality site, fully optimized for this keyword, there is no reason and just no way we can't reach the number 2 position, minimum.

Based on all the things we've learned about this site for this keyword, based on the way that Google ranks pages, we should easily be able to outrank this site, which only has a page rank of 2.

Now, what we just did with this web site, we should do for the top 5 web sites on the search page of Google. If all the top sites turn out to be this poorly constructed and have low page ranks, then we should have no trouble knocking them all down.

Our next article will show you how to do the SEO web page optimization.

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