Sales Page Traffic

Today let's discuss how to get traffic to a small sales page site.

Search engines are most probably not sending much traffic to your 1 or 2 pages sales sites, the reason being the lack of targeted content. A sales page is a sales page.

To increase search engine traffic it is necessary to put up a content site using articles related to the product you are selling. Of course, it is best to write your own original articles. But, for those that do not have the time there are many article directories where you can pick up some content. The content pages will bring you traffic from the search engines. Put links on the content pages to your sales pages.

Another way to generate content for free without writing it yourself is to set up a page where visitors have the possibility to submit their own content. This will add to your site a constant flow of new content.

Search engines return frequently to web sites where new content is added on a regular basis.

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