Rotating Banner Ad WordPress Plugin

More than once you have landed on a web page where almost immediately a very annoying pop up flew across the screen while you were reading an interesting article. The pop up most probably contained a subscription form or some kind of special offer which may or may not be of interest to you.

Then you try to close it and you can’t find the right place to click on the pop up which irritates you even more.

Of course you don’t want that kind of irritating experience for the readers of your blog. The solution is a new WordPress plugin that will not infuriate readers of your blog.

The “MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads” WordPress plugin is the solution. This plugin displays a non obtrusive single line banner across the top your blog. Just fill out the form in your blog dashboard and you will have multiple rotating ads the easy way.

This banner plugin allows you to customize the appeareance of your ads and the frequency at which they appear by selecting background and font colors. You may choose to have a static ad or have the ad hover at the top of your blog while scrolling.

And the best thing is that it is free.

Get it here MaxBlogPress Stripe Ads

Use it to promote your products or your affiliate products and make money fast.

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