Recommended Money Makers

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads allows you to make money with no effort. Just add a snippet of code to your site and they do selling for you.The links only occupy a small space and will not annoy your readers. The links are sold at a flat monthly rate. Text Links Ads decides on the price of your links based on Alexa, Google Page Rank and other criteria.

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uVme is in prelaunch join now this exciting program.

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Google Adsense

Every one knows Google and their Adsense ads. Just go to their sign up page and once approved drive traffic to your and start earning online. Google displays text ads related to your web pages keywords.


LinkWorth offers a whole range of ads for your site: text ads, link ads, link post and more. to To obtain the variety of money making methods that LinkWorth offers you would have to sign up with at least 4 other sites. Earn upto 70% of what the advertiser pays.

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Want to make money on Ebay but do not have anything to sell. AuctionAds lets you make easy money with Ebay. Just put the code in your web page and product ads related to your pages keywords will appear on the page. You earn when new users sign up and actually purchase a product.

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Similar to Google Asense but sends you the money when you earn as little as $10.

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