Randomizers Be Careful You May Regret It

Let me just start out by saying that these are ILLEGAL. I was a member of one and almost lost my PayPal account because of it. These are PURE pyramid schemes where no real product is sold and no real service is provided. I am seeing fewer of these so hopefully they will someday be gone. Just so you know what to look out for, here is how these work.

You sign up by making your initial payment, usually between 5 and 10 dollars.

Every time someone joins the company after you a random payment is made to somebody in the company in addition to the person who signed up the new member.

There are so many things about these sites that are wrong that I don’t even know where to begin.

For starters, if no new members come in after you then you never get paid. Then, even if new members do come in you will get paid depending on how many current members there are. So if there are 5000 members to this site then you will have to wait until 5000 more NEW people come in before you get your next payment. Then after they come in you have to wait for 10,000 new members before you get paid again. Sure, you can try to get your own people to join but then you have to know how to advertise to get enough members under you to make it worth while.

While slightly better than Paid to Read Emails and Surveys, the bottom line is this. These sites are NOT allowed by the payment companies they subscribe to. For example. The original PayPal randomizer site makes it’s payments to your PayPal account. Well guess what? PayPal does NOT recognize this as a legit business and sends you an email stating that if you continue to get payments from them your account will be suspended PERMANENTLY. So do yourself a favor. Stay away from these. They are unethical and illegal and in the long run you’ll never make more than a $100 or so for the life of the program before it folds and that $100 will take you a good 13 to 16 months to earn. There are just better ways to make money on the Internet.

One other thing I would like to add about these programs. The people who put them together are probably some of the most crooked people on the Internet. The reason that they are being driven out of business is because they have to look for payment processors who will allow them to operate. As much as you may hate PayPal, you have to give them credit for cracking down on these thieves.

Many of these program owners will eventually take your money and run off to some south sea isle with it. Many are never heard from again, while others pop back up with another scheme somewhere down the road.

Randomizers were one of the first real scams online.

Hopefully, they will be the last.

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