Photoshop Niche Marketing

Photoshop Keyword Marketing

In this installment of niche marketing examples, we're going to tackle a niche that just might give us a lot of problems because of the popularity of the keyword and at the same time, the narrowness of the keyword. I am talking about they keyword photoshop. That's right, and anybody who knows anything about this software knows how competitive this niche must be. We haven't run into a roadblock yet in our keyword research, but there is always a first time. Yes, one of these examples may just end at a dead end.

Keyword Competition

Oddly enough, Wordtracker wasn't coming up with any results, so I went to another tool called Good Keywords, which you can download and run right on your computer. Well, photoshop came up with 33,445 searches. I could only imagine how many competing sites when going to Google. Sure enough, there were 122 million of them. Okay, we had our work cut out for us.

I started to go through the keyword list, hoping to find something that was a little more targeted. I found photo shop training. Because this tool is a little different, I wasn't sure if that was two words or really just one. So I did a look up both ways on Google. After seeing the results, I determined that it was really just one word, photoshop. Well, we got over 200,000 results so that was too much competition. I was hoping though.

I then tried how to use photoshop, and while that was a little better, it still came back with 137,000 results. Still not good enough for me to tackle with those results, so I kept looking. I then saw there were quite a few searches for photoshop for dummy, so I gave that a try. I then hit the jackpot. I would have never thought, but this keyword phrase is a little goldmine with 594 searches and only about 600 competing sites.

Choosing A Domain Name

The next thing to do was look for a domain name. Can you think of the name I'm going to search for? I decided on Sure enough, this domain was available. We're in business.

Monetizing Your Niche

Okay, if you can't figure out how to monetize something like this, then you need to go to Adobe and read about Photoshop CS3, which is the current version. This thing does everything but talk and is the most widely used software for graphic design on the Internet. All you need to do is write an ebook that explains how to use Photoshop in such a way that any idiot can do it. Can't write? Then trust me on this. Get somebody to ghost write the book for you. Pay them a fair price. Maybe offer them a joint venture in return. That way you share in the profits and they have more of an incentive to churn out a book that's really good.

Okay, monetizing this niche will take a lot of work. Of course you can always just go to Amazon and see if they have any books on the subject. If they do, simply join their affiliate program and promote any books that they have. You won't make as much, but it will be a lot less work. Simply put up a site with some reviews on these books and your in business.

Oh, if only I had the time to take advantage of such a fantastic sub niche. Photoshop is the standard by which everybody judges all other similar products. Because it's a hard software to master, tutorials are needed.

You might as well be the one to create it.

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