Paid Typing Work at Home

On the surface it would seem that it can’t get easier than this to make money online. Type ads on the Internet and get paid for every ad you type and/or get response from. This is generally how these work.

Paid Typing the Signup

You sign up with the company and pay your enrollment fee. Right away, any company that charges a fee to work for them is not legit. But okay, you’re desperate so you give it a shot. The fees can be as little as $20 and as much as $70.

You get your training on how to type the ads, what ads to type and then set up your account so that you get the proper credit for each ad you type.paid typing work at home

The problem is, the people who advertise these companies don’t give you the fine print of how these things work. That’s when you realize that you can’t make any real kind of money with them no matter how hard you work. I worked one of these for 5 months and made $28. That comes to a little more than $5 a month. I worked 14 hours a day typing ads. Let me explain WHY these just don’t work.

Paid for Every Ad

Let’s take the companies where you are paid for every ad typed, even if there is NO response. This seems like the easiest way to make money. There are several problems. For starters, the restrictions on how the ads have to be typed and WHERE you can post them are crazy. About 90% of places to post ads on the Internet are restricted. Then the ad has to be formatted a certain way. If they don’t approve of the ad, which you don’t find out until after you’ve actually typed it and posted it, then you DON’T get paid for it. All that typing work for nothing. Then there is the matter of how much you get paid for the ad. That depends on the number of responses. Yes, I know I said you get paid regardless of the responses. But if you get NO responses your payment for the ad is about 3 cents. In order to get paid 10 cents for the ad you have to get about 100 responses. To get paid 25 cents you have to get about 1000 responses. This varies from company to company but that is about the pay scale. Plus you have to post the ad to a certain number of sites. By the time you have worked your 14 hour day and have posted about 40 or 50 ads you usually end up making about $1.50 for the day. If you do that for a month you make about $45 for the month. You’ve worked a total of 420 hours for that $45. Comes out to about 10 cents per hour. And this is the BETTER of the 2 options.

Paid for Every Response

Then there is the company where you get paid for every response. Well, this all comes down to how good your advertising methods are. Again, many forms of advertising are restricted. Oddly the ones that are restricted are the ones that work. Well of course. These companies don’t want to have to pay you. But wait, don’t they WANT to advertise their products and make money from sales? NO. They already made their money. Remember? Your enrollment fee? Ah, forgot about that didn’t you. This was the type of paid company I got involved with. Yes, I made $28 in 5 months. It cost me $69 to get this “job”. My net loss – $41. Paid work from home typing jobs are just a rip-off. Please, please, please STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAMS.

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