Paid to Surf

Get Paid to Surf the Internet

For someone who does nothing BUT surf the Internet all day for free anyway, this is a lot of fun and you’ll make about $23 dollars a month for 8 hours surfing a day. I said it was fun, I didn’t say it would make you rich.

If you’re wondering how these companies can pay you just to surf the Internet it’s really very simple. The companies that sign up THEIR advertising with the paid to surf companies pay a fee to have their sites displayed. Their hope is that when you see their site you will purchase their product or service. And let me tell you, many of these products and services are very good and you end up spending more money than you make. That is one of the dangers of being a paid surfer. It’s kind of like going to Vegas or Atlantic City with a $10.00 roll of quarters that they give you on these tours. You end up gambling away that $10.00 roll of quarters before you’re even there an hour. If you have lots of will power as I said, you can make about $23 a month surfing 8 hours a day.

How To Find Paid To Surf Opportunities?

A little more if you surf more. If you’re interested, these are the steps you need to take:

Do a Google search for “Paid To Surf”. You will find a ton of these.

Follow the instructions for sign up at the site you choose.

You will then get instructions of how to download what they call their “surf bar“. This is the bar that will scroll across your PC screen while you’re connected to the Internet. You will be required to click on a certain number of sites displayed to you every hour that you are on. Your clicks and time on are logged by the software and based on this you will get your payment.

Is Paid Surfing Worth it?

My last job in the corporate world my supervisor actually did this while he was on the phone with customers. He did pretty well considering he had to be there anyway. But again, he didn’t get rich on this. It basically paid for a tank of gas when the month was over. These days, you probably won’t do even that well.

One thing you have to be very careful of when signing up with one of these paid to surf companies is the terms of use.

Because some of these paid to surf companies are nothing more than glorified High Yield Investment Programs or HYIPs. These programs basically work by having you pay a certain dollar amount for a surf package and then after X number of days, give you a certain return on that money. The return is usually some ridiculous amount that you'd never get from any legit source. 12DailyPro, which was probably one of the most infamous surf sites, paid out 12% after 12 days of surfing. They eventually were closed down.

So, if you're going to get involved with an auto surf program that pays, make sure it doesn't require you to pay a fee and also make sure they don't quote some percentage return that you'll make every X number of days. If they do, then they are a cleverly disguised HYIP.

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