Only 3 Ways to Make Money Online

There always seems to be people touting new ways to make money online but is there really anything new under the sun.

There are three main ways to earn money online.




I already see a lot of you saying that the above list is quite short. Think about it, all the revenue you can earn online will fall one way or the other into one of the categories I mentioned above.

Advertising is the leading money maker on the internet today. You can sell ads directly to advertisers or join an ad network and let them handle the customer service for you. Adverts can consist of images, text and video. Text ads include advertorials and text links. Not all text ads are there to make a sale but rather to help obtain higher ranking in the search engines.

Services you can sell your own or markets someone else's. These can be online or offline services. In reality most services are supplied offline with only the marketing being done online. One purely online service business opportunity is lead generation. People just fill in the required information in online forms and if they qualify as a lead you have made money.

Products: again you can sell your own or someone else's. But the internet allows you to automate most of the process especially for digital goods. Digital goods include software, e-books or anything else that you can send through the internet. Don't have your own product to sell? Then join an affiliate network. There are many affiliate networks who manage affiliate sales for a wide range of companies and their products.

In future articles I will be giving you resources and ideas to monetize your web site/business.

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