Niche Marketing Fashion Part 1

In this first installment of niche marketing examples, we're going to randomly choose a niche and see what we can do with it. Mind you, I have no specifics of any of these niches. My main niches are Internet marketing, Writing and Health. So the examples here are what I would do if I were starting something from scratch.

Okay, our first niche is going to be Fashion. Now, we're eventually going to narrow this down to a sub niche that is manageable. Why? Well, let's take a look at what we're up against with just the keyword fashion.

If we go to Wordtracker and type his keyword into their search tool, we come up with 9,089 searches. That's quite a few. But, if we then go to Google and look to see how many pages there are with the word fashion in them, we come up with over 274 million pages. Do you think maybe we might have a bit of trouble working our way into this niche with that many results? I would think so. But, we're going to go after a sub niche, if one exists, that will give us a fighting shot at some income.

In going through the list of like keywords, I found that there were 638 searches for 60's fashion. When I then went to Google to see how many competing sites, I saw that there were only 14,500 competing sites. I realized that I had struck pay dirt.

 Niche Marketing Fashion Part 2

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