I Messed Up Real Bad

For those of you who may have noticed for the last 12 hours or so my blog was not wholly there. While to trying to optimize the SEO of this blog I ended up losing access to the login page. What was I trying to do?

My idea was to somehow add in where ever I could a keyword as anchor text enclosed in h1 tags. Taking into account that I only know basic HTML and almost no PHP and like to try to do things myself I should have made a backup. There was probably a simpler solution to the damage I did.  But since I could not figure out what to do I reinstalled WordPress to save my blog.

I was really worried as every one of my posts was being indexed by Google. How did I actually mess up. Under Options –> General either under WordPress or Blog url I added some code which I will not display here just in case someone wants to try it. The code created a redirect which would no longer give me access to the login page and really messed up everything on the screen.

After tearing out the little bit of hair I have left. I tried reuploading various WordPress files. Of course to no avail. I then decided to reinstall WordPress and reconstruct my blog. I was able to do this as all the pages were in my temporary internet files or cached by Google or MSN. One by one I redid each post with its internal and outbound links. Luckily this is a pretty new blog. Many hours later it seems I may have been successful.

There are still some problems though. I had to put in a 404 redirect as the Weblog Title now has an extra character. Maybe because I had forgot to set the permalinks the correctly and redid some posts. The other strange thing is that internal links now get pinged as comments. To anyone who can help fix these problems I will be forever grateful. Also lost all the comments.

Now after an hour rest I have installed the WordPress Database Backup plugin and used it immediately.

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