How To Make Money with Free Websites

Free websites are usually avoided by veteran internet marketers. The main users of free websites have mostly been young people who are just looking for a place to post their thoughts without the having to shell out monthly fees. The search for information revolution together with the huge volume of internet traffic means that you can easily make money from just about any free website. That is if you can regularly add fresh quality content to your site you can just as easily get search engine traffic. The search engines are designed to reward sites that add meaningful content on a regular basis.

Adding content helps bring you the traffic and if you can get the traffic you can make online money from your site. Placing advertisements on your website is the easiest and most well known way to monetize your free website. Google Adsense is the advertising money make of choice of many webmasters because Google essentially takes care of everything and then sends you a check once a month. Before Adsense did not allow free website owners to use their service. But Google has since established that many free websites offer great content and deserve to be included in the program.

With enough traffic, Google Adsense can be a truly terrific source of online income. In the news recently, for example, a 17 year old was reported to own an online business that was bringing in $1 million+ in earnings. Where was most of the money coming from? Google Adsense ads placed on her website.

Basically, Google allows Adsense on websites that offer quality content to visitors. If you're site is still under construction, Google will reject your application. Before you submit your site for review, you need to make sure that your site is not only finished but contains unique content as well.

Remember that just because you are accepted in Google's Adsense program does not mean you are certain to make any revenue. The money you earn is dependent upon the amount of traffic you are able to bring to your website. In turn, the quantity of traffic you get will largely depend upon how regularly you are adding content to your site / blog. Where you place the Adsense Ads on your site will also affect your click thru rate.

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