Hair Niche Marketing

Hair Niche MarketingThe hair niche is interesting as there are many products and services available for sale. But hair is much too broad a niche and we are going to have to narrow it down to a sub niche. Once we find our sub niche we will look for a way to monetize it.

Hair Website Competition

Wordtracker is down so I hit Good Keywords. You will have to learn to be flexible with this as keyword tools, especially ones that are free, they have up and down days. Anyway, I typed in my keyword and to no surprise, came up with over 130,000 results. I then went to Google and looked up the competing sites. I got 227 million sites.

I started to search down towards the middle of the list. You will find that the more you do this; you will see that most of the keywords at the top have the most competing sites. I found the keyword phrase hair loss product. It has a decent number of searches at 4791 so I figured I'd give this a shot at Google. It was much better, but at 192,000 sites, it was still more than I wanted to tackle. So I kept looking.

I saw a phrase that I was hoping would bring me some luck. It was permanent hair removal and had 2947 searches. I then went to Google to see how many competing sites. We actually did even worse with this one as it had over 400,000 sites. I wasn't feeling very confident about this niche. But I wasn't going to give up until I had pretty much exhausted all reasonable possibilities.

I then decided to try typing in hair products to see if I could narrow this down a little bit more but the results were not good. I found hair removal product at about 359 searches and decided to give that a crack at Google. I came back with 102,000 sites. This is marginal at best. I didn't want to settle for this sub niche so I kept looking. I knew hair would be popular but I didn't know it would be this popular.

I finally found one that was excellent with best hair care product at 302 searches and Google sites at 22,500. Great! Now all I had to do was find a domain name. Well, I went for the obvious with Well, get a load of this. It's available as a premium domain name for over $1100. Okay, I figured let's try the same domain with hyphens. No Luck, that's taken too. I was really starting to get discouraged now.

I continued searching and I just could not find a domain name that would make it worth trying to monetize this sub niche. I finally realized that the niche of hair care and hair products was very competitive and trying to get into it was just not worth the trouble unless I dug down real deep and found a sub niche that was so obscure that it wouldn't be worth the effort anyway.

This is going to happen. Every once in a while, you're going to find a niche that is going to be so hard to break into that it's just not worth the bother. Sometimes you have to know when to give up.

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