Google Rules the Net

Google Slap and Dance

Google Dance and Slap

For the newbies a Google Slap is when Google makes some changes in one or more of their programs such as: adwords, adsense or PageRank; that people realy find devastating. The Google Dance is the ups and downs of PageRank.

Why do so many people use the Google Search Engine? Possibly they like the results and all the other free services that they offer.

Google Rules

Google’s domination of the English speaking search engine market makes it an obligation for website owners to do their best to be indexed by Google. Being indexed is not enough, you must also appear in the “top ten listing” for your keyword if you want any significant amount of traffic.

How do some people do this the easy way? They buy text links on sites that Google has proclaimed as sites of VALUE. These sites have been chosen by Google and given a high Page Rank score. Page Rank values range from zero to 10. A site’s value is measured by a Google algorithm that counts the number of inbound links a site has from other sites taking into consideration their value.

Once every few months with no set time frame Google updates their perceived value of web sites. You can see this by using the Google Tool Bar or online at one of the websites that query the Google data centers.

Text Link Ads

Google has decided that paid text link ads are not allowed as it skews the results of the algorithm they use to measure Page Rank. They ask people to report paid links. On the form they have set up for reporting the guilty sites they mention:”Help us maintain the quality of Google search results.” It also says that this will help them develop a new algorithm to detect paid links.

In the last few days many web sites with a high Page Rank have seen their rankings go down by one or two points or worse even have received the ultimate punishment of being deindexed.

Not all the sites contained Text Link Ads or Paid Postings. So what is the reason behind the update that has shocked the world wide web? Only Google knows and they aren't telling. They give their usual neutral answer all is well what we did is to maintain the quality of our search results.

Reactions from the web vary: Google does not want competition for its ad business. Google is penalizing sites with paid text link ads etc….

In my opinion the results are still skewed. If PR was so important the top result for a keyword should have the highest PR. Do a few searches to check this out.

Google created and maintains their Page Rank system so they can do what they want with it.

Page Rank Skewed

In the past on one of my domains which I never got around to using. I put up a cms which I could not figure out. I let it sit there with just the home page and the classical Lorem Ipsum. Well, lo and behold I had a PR 5 on that domain which lasted through 2 updates. I just started using the domain recently and it did get some PR in this update. Doesn’t that shows us that Google still has a long way to go with their algorithm.

All of you that depend on text link ads will have to find a work around or the criteria of the advertisers will have to change.

Solution: The best things in life are free.

Write quality content that people want to link to.

Do everything possible to get more RSS subscribers.

Make you sure your Meta Description and Keywords match your posts content. Don’t just put one keyword, make the description interesting and use multiple keywords. This should help your site get indexed for more keywords which should bring more traffic to your site.

Don’t rely solely on advertising. The fact is if you have a large number of subscribers it means you are an authority and people will buy products you created or recommend.

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