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Today I read the most interesting post about the big Google PR slap
last year. Actually the real discussion is in the comments. Many of
the commentators are very well known in the blogosphere.

The article starts off with all the blog owner did to get back into
Google’s good graces:

– Removing Text Link Ads (TLA)
– Cancelling sponsored review accounts
– made links nofollow

Her filing a reconsideration request with no results.

Followed by a lament worthy of the old testament.

Now a short unordered roundup of the comments.

Many asked why it happened. Google the all powerful can do what it wants.
It is ok for Google to sell links that do not contain the nofollow tag but
not allow anyone else to do so. Never sold and still lost PR. Most sites have at
least one paid backlink on them somewhere.

Donna the blog owner left a trackback to Matt Cutts’s blog. Matt helps Donna
put things right by pointing out her dsiclaimer and some link that were not yet
no followed. Matt Cutts also says why he participated in the discussion.
“It is important to know that Google takes reconsideration requests seriously”.

What Donna has learnt.

I'm certainly thankful as well, Matt. Now everyone, what is the takeaway to be learned here?

If you choose to render your site Google-friendly (and I won't argue the pros or cons of that decision atm), and then subsequently submit a reconsideration request…

1. Don't expect to get a reply of any sort.
2. Don't wait forever. If nothing happens within a few weeks, assume that you missed something. Go back and find whatever you missed and fix it.
3. Resubmit the request.

Lesson over.

Matt Cutts answers:

Donna, your points are not bad ones. We've talked seriously about giving feedback from reconsideration requests. The main problem we're worried about is leaking information to the hardcore spammers that would use lots of requests to probe Google for anything that they could exploit.

Still the best thing is to go over there and read it yourself.

Blogger gets Google Page Rank with the help of Matt Cutts

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