Google Adsense Signup Tips

Google Adsense Application Form

We’re going to cover how to actually sign up with Google Adsense and how to fill out the application form. The procedure is easy and only takes a few minutes.

To sign up with Google Adsense, you need to go to the following URL

On that page you will see a sign up now button click on it.

Google Adsense Sign Up

On the sign up page you will have to enter the following information:

The website URL.

You want to make sure that you submit the main URL of your site. Don’t submit any of the sub domains or pages. Google is going to be checking this page to make sure that it conforms to their regulations. Basically, you want to have an index page that has good navigation and a good description of what your site is about in order to get approved by Google.

  • Select the website language.
  • Next place a check mark in the two boxes next to the sentences below:
    • I will not place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads.
    • I will not places ads on sites that include pornographic content
  • Select the type of account: Individual or Business
  • Select the country
  • Type in your name and address and check the boxes that you agree to the Google Adsense policies.
  • Click on submit information.

After submitting your application, Google will review your site and let you know if it meets their criteria. If it doesn’t they’ll tell you what is wrong and you’ll then have to make the necessary changes. Once Google approves your application you may place the Adsense Code on any site that you own. You do not have to apply separately for each site.

When Google examines your site, the first thing it looks at is the keywords that you are using on each page. The keywords tell Google what your site's niche is about, allowing Google to display ads related to your site's or page's topic. That's why it is better to optimize each page of your website for only one keyword.

In our next installment in this series we’re going to cover how to generate your Adsense Code and how and where to place it.

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