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In this installment of our niche marketing examples, we're going to move away from dogs niche marketing and hit the niche of films, or what you might more commonly refer to as movies. Let's start with films and see what we come up with. If we find nothing that works, we can always switch over to movies as the terms are close to being interchangeable.

In going to Wordtracker, we find the word films has 2007 searches. That's a nice number. Of course if you go to Google and look up the same keyword, you're going to find 264 million competing sites. That's not so good. But, never fear. That dynamite sub niche can't be too far behind.

So, I started going through the list of related keywords and came up with horror films, but Google still had over 1 million sites for that keyword phrase. So I searched some more and came up with history of film, but that still had too many competing sites at 318,000. So I searched some more and came up with film soundtracks, hoping that maybe I could sell some CDs through Amazon. Over 660,000 there, so no go.  Finally, I got to a search phrase that really surprised the heck out of me that it had so many searches. Police academy films came up with 118 searches and only 993 competing sites and NO paid ads. The wheels were already turning in my head.

The first thing we had to do was find a domain. I looked up the obvious choice of Much to my surprise, it was not taken. Wow, this was going to be easy.

Can you guess where I am going with this brilliant idea?

We're going to set up our web site and dedicate it to the films of Police Academy.
The first thing you'll have to do is rent or buy each DVD. Watch them all. Make a note of the cast, credits, everything. Write down all the notable quotes and funny lines from each film. You're going to want to do reviews of each film. You'll probably want to have another section of the site dedicated to the stars of each film and what other movies they were in. Put together as much information about the Police Academy movie series as you can think of. You want this to be THE site that people come to if they want to know about Police Academy.

Okay, now, how do we monetize the site? Simple. Get yourself an Amazon account and become an affiliate. What you're going to do is place Amazon ads up on the site for the Police Academy movies. Also, find anything else to do with Police Academy that can be sold online.

And, if you really want to make a killing, put together your own book on Police Academy. Put as much information in it as you can. You have no competition in this area as far as monetization.

I know this sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but a sub niche like this will put you on the map if you do it right.

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