Free To Do Organizer

Do have a hard time remembering your daily tasks?

Well you are in luck, you can download this handy “To Do Organizer” and use it to remind yourself of all that needs to be done.

Here is what To Do List Organizer can do:

track 20+ different tasks/projects

flag tasks as incomplete/complete

flag tasks as High, Normal, and Low priority

add additional information to each task

schedule program to open up at different time intervals (once every 15 min, once ever 30 min, once every hour, once every 6 hours, once every 12 hours, and once every 24 hours)

store a Summary file of all tasks for your records or to print out

hide Completed tasks for easier view of what still needs to be worked on

Some other ideas how this program can be useful:

– Goal Reminder

Instead of inserting tasks to be completed, put in your goals for the year. Then set the program to pop up every 60 minutes. So every hour you are reminded of the goals you would like to accomplish this year.

Not only that, you can also document your progress with each goal. The To Do List Organiser program allows you to place additional information for each task (when you double click on a task, a new window opens up allowing you to do this). In your To Do Organiser, write down the progress you are making toward reaching your goal.

– Writing Tool

Another ingenious way to use the program is as an aide in writing articles. Instead of tasks, put the titles of the articles you want to write. When you double click on the tasks, it opens up a new window, allowing a very convenient place to write and save different articles.

The use the Summary feature to save all of the articles instantly in a text file that you can polish off using Notepad.

– Daily Affirmations

Use to be reminded of Daily affirmations. Affirmations are positive messages that you want to be reminded of throughout the day. So if you were trying to lose weight, you would like affirmations that encouraged you to eat a healthy diet and/or motivated you to exercise.

– Memory Improvement/Question Driller

You could put questions on the main screen, and then the answers on the individual screens. So let’s say you were studying for an exam. Where you would normally enter in your tasks, you would instead input questions. You would take a guess at the answer, and then double-click the question to get the correct answer (double-clicking the question would open up the corresonding individual – normally you would enter additional info regarding your task – here you would enter in the correct answer to your question).

Free download: To Do Organiser

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