Forums and Web Traffic

Using online forums is another good way to get more traffic to your blog.

Joining a forum that is on the same topic of your site is a great way to get free traffic. Once you have joined you can add your website address to your profile and your signature box. This way every time you post to the forum a link to your site will show.

Make sure that you post frequently and that you add value to the forum this way you and your site will be seen in a good light and you will receive more traffic. Keep in mind the more you post the more your link will be seen.

If your blog already has quite a few regular readers you may want to add a forum to your site.

People like to have their say and if you add a forum to your site, it can be a good way to keep people coming back to your site to join in with the discussions. Make sure that the
topic of your forum is related to your site and what you are selling and you should see a nice increase in traffic.

You can find many types of software that can be installed to make your forum run smoothly. Check with your web host sometimes they will provide you with easy to install forum software that you can start using right away.

Don't forget to promote your forum in your blog, email signature and feed directories if your forum software provides a feed.

Free Forum Software:

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