Creating Your First Google Adwords Ad

In our last post, we started setting up our Google Adwords account and chose our target countries. In this installment we'll pick up with creating our first ad.

If you don't really have a first ad ready, that's fine. Just type in the following information for each line on the next page after you've chosen your countries.

Headline:           Max 25 characters

Ad line 1

Description line 1:           Max 35 characters

Ad line 2

Description line 2:           Max 35 characters

Ad line 3

Display URL:         Max 35 characters

Destination URL:        Max 1024 characters

NOTE: This is another thing that nobody tells you and a reason why people get slapped by Google, or worse, don't even get their ads approved. Your display URL and destination URL have to match at the domain level. In other words, let's say the actual page where we are sending our customers to is…

If that's the case, then the display URL MUST be…

If you have anything else in the display URL other than the main domain portion of the URL, Google will most likely not approve your ad. I did this when I first set up my campaign and had to get it changed.

Okay, now that you have your first ad entered, click on the continue link at the bottom of the page.

This will now bring you to the page where you choose your keywords. As you recall, I had you copy and paste the keywords that you had in your meta tag line off of your web page source code. Enter those keywords here. After you are done, click on the continue link at the bottom of the page.

This will now take you to the page where you set your pricing. This is probably one of the most key points of this whole process. This can literally make or break your Adwords campaign.

First, you want to choose the currency in which you want to pay. It defaults to US dollars. Underneath that, they ask you to enter your daily budget. I personally suggest starting off with a small daily budget if you're first starting out. You want to tread carefully when first using Google Adwords. I started with $5 per day. That should be more than enough to get your feet wet.

After you enter your daily budget, the next thing you're going to be asked to enter in is the cost per click or CPC. I usually start out with 10 cents and see where that gets me as far as positioning. I'll discuss positioning in more detail in another article, but basically positioning is where your ad will appear (page and ad position on page) when your ad runs. If you click on the link that says “Traffic Estimator” you'll get a basic idea of where your ads will appear. One thing you want is NOT to be in the top position. I'll explain this in later articles. You want to shoot for positions 7 through 12. Again, I'll explain why later.

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