Business Directory Profits

This online business allows you to choose just about any niche and make money fast.

You can choose to set up a business directory portal for any city or state. Another option would be a portal for a specific industry or hobby. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

To fast track your online business directory I suggest starting by going local. This way you will be able to use online and offline marketing tactics. Every city has a large assortment of business of brick and mortar businesses. And you surely know at least one person who owns one. Go to your local chamber of commerce and ask for their member list. Every chamber of commerce member is a potential customer.

With a well designed portal and good marketing it will be easy to make money.

Various types of directory listings can be sold. A basic listing could be limited to the name and address of a company. A more expensive listing may feature a sitemap and a link back to a website.

Businesses have budgets for advertising. Listings on your Business Directory can be sold for $ 10 a month upto a $100 or more. Do a market survey to find out how much advertisers in your area or niche are ready to spend.

Other online portal incomes are:

– featured category or front page sponsor ads
– featured business of the month (write up)
– discount coupons

Any idea you have to promote a business online is another source of income for your web directory.

I have done some research for you and have found these business directory scripts offer all you need to start:


For those of you who are not technically inclined and would prefer to concentrate only on marketing check out:

Your Home Town Portal sets up your portal for you and gives you the training necessary to succeed as a portal director.

Taking action is the only way to start making money online. Don’t wait or someone else will grab your niche.

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