Blogging to the Bank Selling Your Blog

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Blogging to Make Money Online

In the last few weeks some pretty well know blogs have been put up for sale. Blogging Fingers and One Mans Goal among others.

Blogging Fingers sold for $6000 the blog was only being monetized since September and earned last $338. The blog has 10,689 visits, 19,958 page views, 7500+ unique visitors and 200 RSS subscribers. Which gives us that $0.80 was paid per unique visitor. Is that alot? In my opinion, not really. But if we look at $6000 divided by earnings we find the blog was sold for almost 18 times earnings. Not bad at all.

The auction on Sitepoint lasted only 2 hours. Going, going, gone!

How Did He Do It!

Matt Jones did a lot of research on blog sales and read many blog posts on how to get top dollar for your blog. But the main thing was he created a buzz about the sale. Matt blogged about his intention to sell and contacted other top bloggers asking them for advice. The top bloggers blogged about the sale, which created a lot of interest all around the blogosphere. The blog was 4 months old when sold.

Should You Sell Your Blog

Why not? You may need the money, then go for it. Maybe now is a good time. If your blog topic is hot and in the news you may be able to sell at a much higher price. Once its no longer in the news it’s history along with the high sales price. Other considerations that give a blog its value are Google Page Rank, Technorati and Alexa Rankings, Domain Name, Traffic and Income.

In the end the value of your blog is the amount the highest bidder is willing to pay. So auctioning your blog is a good way to earn top dollar. As some people will catch auction fever and get carried away pushing up the price.

Rinse and repeat if you are a courageous blogger.

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