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Once you have chosen the subject of your blog article, the first thing to do is check what keyword phrases people use in search engines to find information related to that subject.

Select from the results of your search a few keyword phrases to use throughout the article. Some people say that blog articles should be optimized for only one keyword and that’s what I do. But by using phrases instead of a unique word you are letting the search engines know that your blog post is really relevant to your subject giving you higher rankings.

Writing for the Internet

I originally intended to title this article “Writing for the Internet” but my research showed me that no one searched for those words.

A search for “Writing for Blogs” gave me these results:
blog writing

   Count Search Term
• 334 blog writing
• 66   blog style writing
• 53   blog make money writing
• 34   creative writing blog
• 26   blog service writing

Luckily, the list of terms is quite small so it would be easy to include them all in my post. Guess what? I just did include them above. Unfortunately they are all next to each other and not spread out throughout the text.

Blog SEO Optimization

The keyword density thought to be optimal for SEO optimization is 2 – 10%. Which means don’t over do it. If you do go overboard the search engines will consider what you wrote as article spam. Article spam will place you in search engine limbo and getting out is not an easy thing to accomplish.

Here is a basic checklist for SEO optimization. Meaning places where the keywords used in writing our blog article should appear.

    Meta Tags ==> Keywords and Description

The above of course will not guarantee a top ten position in Google but it will help.

To make your page easier to read and scan use bold, highlighting, underlining and colored fonts in the text. Insert a picture to liven up the post.

Sentences should be short and to the point. Most importantly the content should give the reader useful information. You are writing for people not only the search engines. Good content will have readers linking back giving you backlinks and more readers.

I hope you found the above to be helpful in your blog writing. I would really appreciate any comments negative or positive.

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