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Every week I choose one day where I try to discover new blogs. I usually do this by going to one of the more known problogger sites and read through the comments and visit the blogs of some of the commentators. Today my web surfing brought me to a blog belonging to Jeremy Steele called Nusuni Dot Com with the tagline SEO and Blogging Resources for All.

One of Jeremy's post for today at called End Of Back To The Basics which is a series of 31 blog posts covering subjects that are of an interest to all bloggers. Reading them is good source of information and tips some of which I will surely use.

Why am I writng this post? First of all I read quite a few of Jeremy's posts and found them to be well written and his point of view interesting. Which means I shall return often to see else he has to say. In one post Jeremy mentions he is not exactly Mr. Social. Since I have never corresponded or talked with him  I don't really know why he says that. Even Geeks have a social life or they wouldn’t be at parties. On the other hand he also mentions one mistake early on in his blogging was not to get to know other bloggers. This post will allow Jeremy to get to know me and my new blog and it should be of benefit to both of us.

Following the suggestion of  End Of Back To The Basics Day 10 I decided that these  short paragraphs merit a trackback and not a comment.  Well, people lets see if Jeremy will get in touch.

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