Article Opening Paragraph and Credibility

How should you start the first paragraph of your article?

The opening paragraph is your introduction. You will be telling the reader the subject of the article and give them a reason to keep on reading. A brief overview will give readers what they can expect to get out of the rest of the article.

Tell them about the problem you will help them with.

Let them know what problem you are going to help them with. Assure them that you have a solution that will save them time, money or trouble. When you are writing your opening paragraph keep in mind that you have to give them a good reason to keep on reading or they may lose interest and look elsewhere.

It is also important to establish credibility with the reader. After all why should they listen to you, have you had this problem and if so how did it affect you and your business? When you solved the problem, what benefits did it bring you and how did it make things better?

If you can establish credibility with your reader they will be willing to listen to you and follow your advice. If you lack credibility in their eyes, they may be unwilling to follow your advice and will most likely be uninterested in what you have to

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