Are You Awesome!

You have not yet found a way to be nominated for a star on Mann's Chinese Theatre sidewalk of stars. Well Sophie Mihalko has come up with the next best thing.

Be an awesome person today and let the whole world know about it.

For only $1, that's right for that small amount you can nominate yourself, your mother, a favorite food, cartoon character, whatever or whoever to The Hall of Awesomeness. All inductees receive a star on the site linked to their personal webpage where testimonials can be left.  The categories of Awesomeness are celebrities, people, places, reality tv contestants, sports teams and things. Get your friends to buy into your star and you will become the most awesome person in the world.

On the Awesome Universe  page there a multitude of stars. The bigger the star the more people have bought in. Once you get your star make sure to tell everyone you know and don't know all about it.

If that's not enough The Hall of Awesomeness will sell you a certificate that certifies you are truly awesome. Order one today and hang it on your office wall.

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