Is this just another blog? Or specifically some more pollution added to the blogosphere. It will all depend on what you get out of reading the content that I post here. I have tried many ways to monetize websites and blogs. Websites were made using page generators and promoted with grey hat and even slightly black hat techniques to bring traffic to the sites. All of these techniques involved were just too much work to justify the money earned and still have a life.In the end I have found that only websites that contain good content that people want to read and that are regularly updated will generate repeat traffic. Of course, we can not neglect basic seo and some promotion.

On this blog I will strive to bring you good content, monetizing techniques, traffic tips and all kinds of ideas connected to wordpress and blogs.

Before I forget what's with the name myzury.com. No, it has nothing to do with misery.  Well it means “Fine” in Swahili, though the spelling might be wrong, it was the closest phonetic spelling I could register.

David Elefant | Jack of all trades, master of some.

Based in Makati, Philippines

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