7 Secrets of Success

Success is a 7 letter word. Ironically, there are 7 secrets to success. Hopefully, sharing this with you will give you the knowledge and motivation you need to achieve the success you want.

Each letter of the word success stands for one of those secrets. We’ll take them one at a time.

S stands for Solo focus. This means that whatever you want to do with your life, your business or whatever, you MUST have a solo, or one focus. You can’t allow yourself to be distracted. You must identify your goal and go for it and not allow outside influences distract you. If you can’t get past this first thing it is going to be very hard to get anything to work efficiently for you.

U stands for Undying conviction, leadership and imagination. You must, at all costs, have total conviction for what you are doing. You must believe that what you want to do is not only possible but critical. You must be a leader who will fight to the death. You must develop imagination when dealing with problems because some things are not going to have cut and dried answers. You must learn to think outside the box. Again, you must do this totally and completely.

C stands for Crystal Clear Path. You must visualize the path in front of you. You must know exactly where you are headed. You may run into obstacles along the way but you cannot under any circumstances allow anything to throw you off your path.

C stands for Connection To The Heart. This is something nobody can teach you. What this means is this. You must LOVE what you are doing. It must be something that if you don’t do it you will literally stop living and breathing. This must be one of the most important things in your life. Use your brain to think. But use your heart to drive you.

E stands for Extraordinary Energy. This doesn’t mean that you have to be able to run a marathon. But you have to be enthused. You have to want to wake up in the morning and get to work. You can’t lay around watching the TV. You can’t make excuses that you’re too tired. Your energy level MUST be high because building a successful home business is very hard work. Without the proper energy, you don’t stand much of a chance to go the distance.

S stands for Skill Set. I’m not talking about if you can type or program computers. I’m talking about your people skills, your communication skills. You MUST be able to communicate with people. You must be able to get people to have confidence in YOUR ability to help make them successful, if you’re promoting a biz op. If it’s a health product, you must be able to communicate your sincerity and belief in the product. You must sound convincing with everything you say.

S stands for Stop At Nothing. The main point of this is not to allow negativity of others get to you. People are going to try to convince you that you’re wasting your time doing what you’re doing. Do you think the Wright Brothers didn’t have their share of people laughing at them? If they had listened to all those people who said that it couldn’t be done, that man would never fly, we’d still be taking trains from New York to LA. You must be absolutely determined that you WILL succeed and nothing that anybody says should be able to convince you otherwise.

There you have it. The 7 secrets of success. Notice I didn’t say anything about having to be smart or a great ad writer or any of the things you were probably thinking of. Everything in this list is ALL about attitude. If you have a totally positive attitude you’ll succeed. If you don’t, you won’t.

It’s THAT simple.

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