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Google Adwords Ad Writing

We're going to go over some Google Adwords ad writing strategies. It is one of the hardest mediums to write ads for. After all, there is only so much you can say in 3 little lines of 35 characters each.

3 Parts of A Google Adwords Ad

The best way to go over ad writing is to take your ad one line at a time.

Headline - It is meant to immediately capture the attention of the person who sees your ad. Let's say you're selling a book on curing acne naturally. You might use a headline like “Cure Acne Naturally.” Remember, you only have 35 characters, so make it short, to the point and powerful. You also want to make sure that your main keyword is in the headline.

First Line - Your first line has to be just as powerful as the headline. There is no room for fluff. You want the first line of your ad to be the most important benefit of your product. Let's say you have an acne cure that's natural and will cure acne in 3 days. The 3 days part is the main feature. So your first line might read “Cure Your Acne In 3 Days.” This is certain to get people's attention.

Second Line - Your second line has to reinforce the first line. In the case of the first line, you listed the most important benefit, that your acne will be cured in 3 days. In the second line, you would list the most important feature. In this case, it would be that it's a natural cure. So you would put something like “All Natural Cure Guaranteed”

So your whole 3 line ad would read as follows:

Cure Acne Naturally
Cure Your Acne In 3 Days
All Natural Cure Guaranteed

This should certainly get a prospect to your website. It's then up to your sales copy to sell them on the product. You're not going to do that in 3 lines, but you can get them excited enough to at least check out the site.

Ad Writing for Google is an Art Form

Lots of very good writers have trouble writing for Adwords because they are so used to long sales letters with lots of benefits, testimonials and bonuses. With Adwords, you have only 3 lines and 105 characters to get people to your site. Many a great writer has cracked under this kind of pressure.

As you use Google Adwords, you will begin to get a feel for writing ads. After a while, they will just come intuitively. You'll automatically start thinking headline, first line, second line without even batting an eyelash. At first it will be hard. Make no mistake about it. You may write ads that don't get any clicks at all. Eventually, as you get better at Adwords ad writing, you will see your click through rate increase greatly. When that happens, your CPC will go down because Google will find your ads are more relevant. But that's for another article down the road.

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